Sharm El Sheikh

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Everything you need to know for a dream vacation in Sharm

If Sinai is the cream of the Israelis’ favorite tourist destinations, Sharm is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. The southern whale city offers its visitors a slightly different experience from the well-known beaches of Sinai, but without a doubt more upgraded, and those who choose to go all the way to it will enjoy a great vacation, on a sane budget and with all possible indulgences – beautiful beaches, rare diving sites, restaurants and cafes , nightlife, a variety of shopping options and of course great hotels with facilities and high level service. Get ready for one of the best vacations you will ever have in your life, and here is the best place to do this preparation.

Recommended hotels.

Sharm is a very big city, and its hotels are scattered in different areas. In each area you can find hotels of all levels, from luxury resorts to 3 and 4 star hotels at a ridiculous price, and it is important to get to know the different areas and the variety of hotels in each of them to find the hotel that suits you best.

Naama Bay is the central light of Sharm and has a beautiful stretch of beach with a promenade, a pedestrian mall and a bustling shopping center as well as plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars that wake up mainly in the evening and at night.

A 5-star hotel from the Trufitel chain, excellent for those who prefer to be a little far from the nightlife center of Naama Bay and pay a little less
A 5-star hotel near Naama Bay and the lively commercial center, in a perfect location on a cliff facing the amazing view of Naama Bay.
The resort is a 5-star hotel in the Naama Bay area, offering a variety of amenities such as a private beach, water facilities, an excellent spa, a jacuzzi, and saunas

Nabak Bay, in the northern part of Sharm el-Sheikh, is the place to go for a particularly relaxed vacation, with an amazing stretch of beach, quiet and peaceful and along it luxurious resorts that guarantee a high-class vacation

An excellent 5-star hotel in Nabq Bay. Perfect for a luxurious vacation at the highest level
A luxury hotel in the fullest sense of the word – if you’re looking for a pampering vacation where you won’t have to make any effort at all, this is your place.
A 5-star hotel for families and couples only with a perfect private beach in Nabak Bay.

Al Hadaba is the southern neighborhood of Sharm, which is built like a peninsula and has many excellent hotels. The central location of the neighborhood allows you to easily and quickly reach almost any area and any attraction you want to see.

Resort is an excellent hotel, one of the best in Al Hadaba neighborhood in Ras Umm Sid Bay. Includes a private beach and a water park
One of the more popular hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, main thanks to the huge water park located on its territory, the largest in the Middle East.
A resort from the excellent Albatros chain that is rated 4 stars, but offers a host of pampering and facilities of a 5-star hotel, including a water park.

Ras Umm Sid is the southern coastal area of Sharm (Al Panar Beach), which borders the Al Daba neighborhood and has the most beautiful stretch of beach in Sharm, from where you can see the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life.

5 star resort in Sharm Al Maya Bay, at the southern end of Ras Umm Sid, right inside the old market and the old city of Sharm.
Resort is an excellent hotel, one of the best in Al Hadaba neighborhood in Ras Umm Sid Bay. Includes a private beach and a water park
One of the more popular hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, main thanks to the huge water park located on its territory, the largest in the Middle East.

In Shark Bay, you will find not only a fantastic beach but also some of the most beautiful diving sites that Sinai has to offer, between the beach strip and the nearby island of Tiran. Accordingly, the hotels adjacent to it are also among the best in Sharm.

A luxurious resort from the prestigious Albatros chain, in Shark Bay. Offers the highest level of hospitality that Sharm knows how to give.
A luxury hotel in every sense of the word, which offers an experience from the movies in a private villa with a private pool in front of an amazing stretch of beach and an intoxicating view.
A huge holiday village from which you simply will not have to leave for anything. The most luxurious and high-quality accommodation in Sharm.

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What will you do in Sharm?

Plenty of attractions, beaches, diving sites, shopping centers, restaurants and bars await you in the whale city. Read here about all the attractions in Sharm that should not be missed.

ללא תשלום

The old city and the old market

A huge bazaar on a spacious complex where dozens of shops, restaurants, cafes and a small beach strip are a few minutes’ walk away
Street market
ללא תשלום

Soho Square

One of the most famous entertainment and shopping complexes in Sharm with plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, attractions for children, a musical fountain and souvenir shops
Public space, shopping, restaurants

Nabak Nature Reserve

A huge and beautiful national park where you can experience the desert nature in its full power with a variety of diving sites, amazing views and traditional Bedouin hospitality.
שמורת טבע
ללא תשלום

Naama Bay

The central area of Sharm el-Sheikh. You will find a colorful and lively pedestrian street with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and more.
קניות ובילוי

Ras Mohammed National Park

An amazingly beautiful national park that gives its visitors desert nature in its full power and also contains several of the most beautiful diving sites in the world.
Nature reserve

Parsha Coffee

The most beautiful cafe in Sharm el-Sheikh. A must-visit, preferably before sunset.
בית קפה

How would you like to get to Sharm? ​

Sharm can be reached both by land – by taxi from the border crossing in Taba, and by air – by direct flight from Tel Aviv.

Ordering a taxi to Sharm

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Book a flight to Sharm

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Sharm el-Sheikh – The Resort City of Sinai

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Sharm el-Sheikh (or in its Hebrew name “Ophira”) was considered a very favorite place, both for the Israelis who lived there and for those who went there for vacation purposes. The southern pearl knew how to provide a perfect setting for lovers of the sea and the desert, peace and tranquility and its name went far and wide not only among travelers from Israel, but also from cold Europe. The return to Sharm in recent years indicates that the Israelis have not only not forgotten the beautiful and magical landscapes, but that they want to return to them again and again for their annual vacation (and perhaps also for another spontaneous mid-year vacation)

Sharm has changed in recent decades and has undergone a significant development boom, with the construction of hundreds of excellent hotels and government investment in infrastructure that has turned it into a successful Middle Eastern Riviera. Together with its natural data, which include spectacular beaches and the most beautiful diving sites in the world, and a strategic location linking Egypt with the seas of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm has become not only a significant economic center for Egypt but also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its airport shortens the way to it from many destinations in distant Europe, and also from Israel, which is less distant.

Sharm today is a tourist city in the full sense of the word where everyone can find the right place for them, both in terms of hospitality and in terms of the options to hang out and enjoy. It attracts diverse audiences from all over the world and also hosts large international, business and political conferences, and even peace conferences have been held there more than once. A vacation in Sharm is not another vacation in Sinai – it is a vacation of a different kind and with much higher and more experiential intensities.

Feeling The Security in Sharm

The sense of security in Sinai is always a matter of discussion, especially tourists from Israel of course. Although a sense of security is always a subjective matter, it is important to note that in Sharm it is very well maintained, even from a fairly objective point of view. First it must be said that in the summer of 2021 the State of Israel will align with most of the countries of the world, and the separation between North Sinai (which is indeed a less stable region from a security point of view) and South Sinai in regards to the travel warning. The travel warning for South Sinai – which is essentially the entire stretch of coast between Taba and Ras Mohammed, including Santa Catarina – has dropped to level 3, which means that the National Security Headquarters also recognizes that the tourist areas of Sinai are safer than they used to be.

Beyond that, because Sharm hosts high-ranking personalities and tourists from all over the world, Egyptians invest a lot in the feeling of security there. Security personnel and police points are spread across the length and breadth of the city, at the main intersections and at the entrances and exits to the main points of interest and tourist sites. Great care is taken to ensure that the tourists feel comfortable, and the tourist police is also there and you can contact them with any problem that arises. Accordingly, there are also far fewer “sting” attempts where you don’t get the service you paid for, because the locals know the matter is being enforced. Our experience from a trip to Sharm is that the city is very friendly and welcomes guests with open arms.

Sharm el-Sheikh – Not Just a City

One of the main reasons to come to Sharm el-Sheikh and the entire region is not only the possibilities and attractions inside the city, but also the areas outside it, and especially the amazingly beautiful nature reserves that offer nature in its full power, well preserved and in its wildest form. The reference is mainly to Nabq and Ras Mohammed national parks, the first is a little north of the city and the second a little south of it. Both places are protected drowning reserves, which means that they are subject to clear guidelines regarding the preservation of nature, the animals that grow there and the various sites, so that everyone can enjoy them at any time. That is why the entrance to them also involves a fee, although it is not high at all and amounts to a few dollars.

In Ras Mohammed, located about 20 minutes’ drive south of Sharm, you can find some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world, accessible both from the sea and from the land (you can reach the park in both ways), and even if you only snorkel, you will find amazing views there that are not found anywhere else in Sinai. Beyond the diving sites, Ras Mohammed also has a variety of birds and rare birds, salt pools and bright turquoise water, observation points for a spectacular view of the connection between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, and mangrove groves growing right on the water.

Navek, located about 5 kilometers north of Sharm, intensifies the interest of the mangroves and there you can witness real forests that extend into the blue water. Benbek also has beautiful diving sites as well as options for field trips in the huge park on jeeps or ATVs, as well as a beach where you can rest from all this goodness.