Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh occupies a place as one of the hot tourist destinations on the map of travelers from Israel. The southern Kit city offers its visitors a very (very) wide variety of accommodation options, along with plenty of attractions and activities, at sea and on land, for every age and every budget. The Egyptian government has invested huge sums of money in Sharm to turn it into a Middle Eastern Riviera, which has become a very important economic and tourist hub, hosting people from all over the world and offering full value for money throughout the year.

Here are some of the top hotels in Sharm:

A luxurious resort from the prestigious Albatros chain, in Shark Bay. Offers the highest level of hospitality that Sharm knows how to give.
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5 star resort in Sharm Al Maya Bay, at the southern end of Ras Umm Sid, right inside the old market and the old city of Sharm.
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An excellent 5-star hotel in Nabq Bay. Perfect for a luxurious vacation at the highest level
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A luxury hotel in the fullest sense of the word – if you’re looking for a pampering vacation where you won’t have to make any effort at all, this is your place.
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Resort is an excellent hotel, one of the best in Al Hadaba neighborhood in Ras Umm Sid Bay. Includes a private beach and a water park
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A 5-star hotel for families and couples only with a perfect private beach in Nabak Bay.
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One of the more popular hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, main thanks to the huge water park located on its territory, the largest in the Middle East.
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A luxury hotel in every sense of the word, which offers an experience from the movies in a private villa with a private pool in front of an amazing stretch of beach and an intoxicating view.
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Beautiful 5-star hotel Bras Um Sid, next to the beautiful beaches in Sharm with an amazing private beach.
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It is a 5-star hotel in a vast area where you will enjoy extremely luxurious hospitality, at the highest standards available.
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The things that make Sharm what it is are the spectacular views that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, the diving sites that are considered to be the most beautiful and colorful in the world, the cafes and bars that are scattered throughout, the restaurants, the pedestrian streets, the attractions, the culture and history, but especially the hotels in it, which range from a very wide range of Prices so that everyone can find exactly the right place for them.

Because Sharm is a large city, certainly compared to other places in Sinai, the hotels are scattered in different parts and offer a different nature of vacation and hospitality: the northern part, which includes the Nabek Bay and the nearby Shark Bay; The central part of the city – Naama Bay area with the wonderful promenade and the bustling pedestrian streets; The southern part of Al Hadaba and Ras Umm Sid, where a stretch of the most beautiful beach in Sinai awaits; And Sharm El-Maya Bay, near the old city, where there are not many hotels, but those that do offer a wonderful experience on the shores of the Red Sea.

The demand is taking its toll, and the hotels in Sharm (certainly the best ones) fill up fast especially during the peak of the season, i.e. the summer and the holidays. Therefore, despite the large selection, it is highly recommended not to come to Sharm without pre-booking a hotel for the entire period of time you will be in the city. This way you are guaranteed a vacation with peace of mind, in a hotel that suits you and in a budget that suits your pocket.

Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh

As mentioned, the hotels in Sharm range on a wide range of prices and quality – luxurious and prestigious resorts of well-known international chains, through hotels in a good location in the middle that offer a variety of facilities, pleasant spaces and good-quality rooms, to low-budget hotels and even accommodation apartments that are suitable for those who are less interested in the belly In front of the pool and looking for a place to rest your head on a reasonable budget.

The hotels in Sharm are characterized by being built on a wide area, most of them are low-rise and offer plenty of activities in the hotel and outside. All hotels will have a swimming pool (at least one…), rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea or the mountains, play clubs for children, convenience stores and warm and inviting service with a wide smile. It is important to plan your trip to Sharm well, and to understand what exactly is planned in it, in order to carefully choose the area where you will stay. In all areas you can find great hotels, at all price and quality levels, so it’s really a matter of planning and of course choice.

Hotels in Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the “downtown” of Sharm el-Sheikh, the entertainment and shopping area that centers most of Sharm’s nightlife and commerce. It also has an amazingly beautiful stretch of beach with resorts that share it and offer a great hospitality experience. In Naama Bay you can also find cultural institutions, casinos and many other options for entertainment.

The hotels in the Naama Bay area are divided into two main groups:

The hotels along the boardwalk have an adjacent private beach located right in front of the hotel and connected to its yard. On the beach you will usually find a bar / restaurant / both, many corners for sitting and sunbathing, sports fields and facilities, children’s play facilities, background music and more. These hotels are 5 star level (most of them) and also have plenty of facilities and attractions such as: spa, jacuzzi, gym, restaurants and more.

The hotels that are not in front of the beach, on the other hand, are characterized by higher construction and proximity to other points of interest in the area such as the pedestrian mall, the shopping centers and the casino. Some of these hotels have a private beach, but it is not adjacent to the hotel, but a few minutes’ walk / drive away. These hotels also offer a variety of activities inside and outside the hotel.

Recommended hotels in the Naama Bay area

Naama Bay Promenade

An excellent 5-star hotel by the beach, with spacious, bright and pleasant rooms that include a private balcony at a particularly affordable price. The hotel has two restaurants, a spa with a gym, a huge swimming pool, convenience stores, a tourist center and more.

Novotel Sharm

Another very high class hotel with a private beach in Naama Bay, in front of it is an excellent restaurant and it offers very affordable all-inclusive deals. The beach is very well maintained, and includes a bar and plenty of shaded seating areas.

Picking up Jolly Willy

Probably the best hotel among the hotels located on the beach strip. Enormous in size, with lots of options to pass the time, several excellent restaurants, a huge stretch of beach and excellent VIP level service.

Fairoz Resort

A hotel that also enjoys a private beach, more modest in the facilities it offers but well-kept and sweet, very colorful, enjoys new and spacious rooms as well as a nice bar at the entrance and a spacious dining room with a varied menu.

Trufitel Naama Bay

A hotel located in the heart of the Naama Bay area, a step and a half away from all the comparable shops, shopping centers, bars and restaurants in the pedestrian area. Its private beach is a few minutes’ walk away, and inside the hotel there is a huge swimming pool and a variety of other facilities at a good level.

Marina Sharm

Marina is a hotel located at the end of the promenade of Sharm, and is located a little higher than it, which guarantees an even more beautiful view of the entire bay. The hotel is at a 4-star level, and provides good value for the price, even if it is not too luxurious.

Stella di Maria Beach Hotel

This hotel also offers a private beach, but not further down the boardwalk but right on the “corner” of the bay. It is a large-scale resort with several swimming pools, sports fields, paddocks and high-end private accommodation units.

Hotels in Nabak Bay

Nabq Bay is in the northern part of Sharm, near Tiran Island and not far from the city’s airport. The hotels in this area are cut off from the city itself and require a trip to it if you want to spend time and travel, but their great advantage is the peace and privacy on the one hand, and also the vast spaces and the many indulgences on the other – huge beaches, sports facilities, water parks, beautiful diving sites and plenty of other options.

Nearby is also the Nabek Nature Reserve – a huge national park with mangrove groves growing on the water (more correctly – in the water. You have to see it to believe it), diving sites, a wide variety of animals and birds and breathtaking views. The variety of options inside and outside the hotels makes them very suitable for hosting families with children and large groups of guests.

Recommended hotels in the Nabaq Bay area

Royal Albatross Moderna (Albatross Nabak)

The Albatros hotel chain operates several hotels in Sharm, this is undoubtedly the best and most luxurious of them. This is a huge resort with a variety of recreational facilities, for a royal vacation, with guest rooms and suites for those who want to be truly pampered.

Steigenberger Alcazar

Another luxury hotel from the best in Sharm, which offers a vacation at the highest level you can think of. A huge hotel that has everything, including things you haven’t thought of yet. The rooms have huge and comfortable beds and the view is spectacular in its beauty.

Rixos Premium Sea Gate

Another star at the top of the rating of the luxurious and enormous resorts of the Nabak Bay. A hotel where you will hardly have to move, because everything will reach you no matter where you are. Like all the hotels in the area offers pools, water facilities and a beautiful private beach strip.

Charmillion Club Aqua Park

A hotel without a private beach, however, makes up for it in one of the huge water parks, the only place where you can spend a whole day without getting bored and without repeating the same facility twice. Perfect for families with children.

Charmillion Club Resort

Another hotel from the successful Charmillion chain, this time adjacent to the beach with a private strip of course. All guests of this hotel are allowed to use the Club Aqua Park water park, and all its facilities.

Coral C. Waterworld

Coral Sea also offers its own water park and many other high-level facilities both inside and outside the hotel. Offers excellent all-inclusive packages where you will get a great vacation for a sane and affordable price.

Hotels in Shark Bay

A little south of Navek Bay, a few minutes’ drive from the airport is Sharks Bay – a stretch of beach that is amazingly beautiful and along it are excellent hotels, on a huge area, equipped with the best pampering you could ask for. In this area (right next to some of the hotels) is the popular “Soho” square and it has dozens of restaurants, cafes, shops and other attractions worth visiting. Most of the restaurants in the complex have an arrangement with the adjacent hotels, so you can hang out and eat in them and charge for the hotel room.

Shark Bay is also characterized by great diving sites, and therefore along its length there are several professional diving clubs through which you can go for introductory dives or complete diving courses. Those who already have a diving license can hire a guide to go diving in the area (you must accompany a local diving guide in Sinai), and all hotels will be happy to match you with a professional club that works with them, if you want an experiential day of sailing and diving.

Recommended hotels in the Shark Bay area

Coral Sea Suntory Resort

A tastefully designed hotel, from the public spaces to the rooms, beautiful views from everywhere and a variety of services offered to guests: private beach, diving club, restaurants, bars, spa and more.

Hilton Sharks Bay

Hilton is usually a safe bet, and Sharma is no different. The Hilton on the coast of Shark Bay guarantees service at the level recognized by the international company, along with the amazing views of Shark Bay and plenty of other options to spend your time having fun.

Savoy Sharm

Another hotel of a recognized and prestigious international chain, which definitely meets expectations. A huge hotel, with terraced terraces and lawns that go down to the private beach, and also includes villas for VIP accommodation with a private pool and a huge yard for couples or families. Please note that in the complex there is the “regular” Savoy Hotel and the “Royal Savoy” which is for adults only and is not suitable for families.

four Seasons

Probably the most luxurious hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, suitable for those who really came to pamper themselves without expense. This is a holiday village for all intents and purposes, that not only will you not have to leave it for anything, there is a good chance you won’t want to either. A resort with the highest standard available.

Concorde Al Salam

An excellent resort that calls itself a “sports hotel” because of its abundance of facilities and sports fields. In addition to them, it also has water slides, several swimming pools and facilities of a real luxury hotel.

Sharks Bay Ombi

An authentic and pleasant place to stay, which is an excellent solution for those looking for a less prestigious experience on the shores of Shark Bay or for those whose vacation goal is in a diving city (or both…). A modest hotel, with functional rooms, a bit of an atmosphere of a camp for the beaches of Sharm.

Hotels in Al Hadaba and Ras Umm Sid

El Hadaba (الهضبة) and Ras Um Sid Bay (راس وم سيد) This is actually one large area, like a peninsula, which forms the southern part of the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Near this area is the old city and the famous market of Sharm, as well as the amazingly beautiful southern stretch of beach (Al Panar Beach) and lies under a cliff from where the most beautiful sunsets in Sinai can be seen. You can find plenty of shopping centers, commercial streets, water parks, restaurants and cafes in the vicinity.

The hotels in the area can be divided into two groups:

Hotels located along the coastal strip, southern or eastern, of the peninsula. These hotels enjoy a beautiful private beach and are built on a large and spacious area.

Hotels located in the center of the peninsula, without an adjacent beach but with quite a few other attractions, some of them are especially worth it, such as a water park or proximity to the huge shopping center “Il Mercato”.

Recommended hotels in the area of Al Hadaba and Ras Umm Sid

Albatross Aqua Park

A huge hotel with the largest water park in the Middle East, with over 65 water slides and other facilities. In addition to the water park, it also offers many other treats and a very high level of hospitality. Perfect for a family vacation.

Aqua Blue Charm

The hotel next to the Aqua Park, with its own water park and no less good. There is free passage between the parks for the guests of these two hotels, and this hotel is also characterized by a very high level of service, large and spacious rooms and vast spaces.

Il Mercato hotel

A boutique hotel in the center of El Hadaba, adjacent to the huge shopping center “Il Mercato”. Carefully designed and with a high level of finish, from the ironwork in the windows of the rooms to the door handles. Very close to all points of interest in the area.

Jazz Fanara Resort

An old and excellent hotel for the beautiful El Panar beach. Offers hotel rooms overlooking the sea as well as excellent private guest cabins in its hinterland, a little further from the beach. The adjacent beach strip is private to hotel guests of course.

Sunrise Montemara

A 5-star rated hotel that feels like it deserves more. Does not accept small children and is very suitable for a romantic couple’s vacation. Beyond the private beach, it also has an excellent diving club, spa, sports fields and more.

Reef Oasis Beach Resort

One of the largest hotels in Sharm, spread over a huge area that goes down to the beach, where in this area there are regular hotel rooms, private villas, plenty of swimming pools, sports fields, a small water park, lawns and courtyards and, of course, a private beach strip.

Hotels in Sharm el-Maya Bay and the Old City

The coastal strip of the Sharm El Maya Bay (شرم المايا) is known to old Israelis as the coastal strip above which the Israeli settlement of “Ofira” was located in the early 1970s – the days of Israeli control in the Sinai. Today you can still look out over the original buildings in the neighborhood, and below them is a kind of lagoon along which quiet and tidy beaches, a pier from which ships depart for sailing or diving purposes, as well as water sports such as water skiing or banana boating.

This lagoon is a short walk from Sharm’s old town and old market, a great place to hang out both during the day (if it’s not too hot) and at night, when it becomes illuminated and draws thousands of visitors. In this area there is a variety of excellent restaurants, souvenir shops and also the Old Egypt exhibition which shows an entire city carved into the rock.

The recommended hotels in the area lie along this lagoon, which also contains beaches that are visited by guests from hotels that do not have a private beach. On these beaches you will find places to sit with a beach bar and in some also snacks and light meals.

Recommended hotels in the Sharm Al Maya Bay area

Golden Sunday Beach Experience

A not big but very quiet hotel located right in the south of the lagoon of Sharm el-Maya Bay. Provides an experience of real freedom, with accommodation in private bungalows, a huge stretch of beach and a spectacular view from every corner.

Ibrotel Palace

The best hotel in the area without a doubt. This hotel also hosts adults only, and children are accepted from the age of 16 and over. It looks as if it is located on a tropical island, is tastefully decorated and offers an excellent spa that every hotel guest is entitled to half an hour of treatment, which is included in the room price.

Seti Sharm Resort

Another resort adjacent to Ibrotel, right in the heart of the old city. Offers a similar experience at a 5-star level, a private beach, spacious rooms and large, well-designed spaces. There are several water slides in the outdoor pool.

What else can you find in Sharm?

So after booking a flight (or a taxi), finding a hotel and taking out travel insurance (important! We don’t travel without insurance!), what does Sharm actually offer us? Well, quite a bit.

The main attraction of Sharm el-Sheikh is of course its beaches, with their amazing diving sites. Not all the diving sites are right in Sharm, some are further south or north and will require a trip (or boat), but it will definitely be worth it. Even if you only snorkel and don’t really go deep, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Shark Bay or Ras Mohammed National Park, which is full of some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world. Another national park worth a visit is the Nabak Nature Reserve, which is located a little north of Sharm el-Sheikh, and where you will discover nature in its full power, beyond places to dive.

On land, you can go on jeep or ATV trips. Any hotel or one of the dozens of tourist agencies in the city will be happy to arrange such a trip easily, and not for too much money. If getting out of the city into nature is less of your concern – inside the city, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation awaits you, in the museums that tell the historical story of the city, in the bazaars and pedestrian streets of Naama Bay, the huge shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and entertainment complexes, such as the “Soho” square “. You shouldn’t miss the iconic and beautiful “Farsha Cafe”, on El Panar beach.

When the night falls, some of the cafes turn into real bars, some also into clubs with parties into the night. There are also clubs that are designated, and they are open every evening from around 11:00 p.m. until the last party. The main activity in them is on weekends of course. We mentioned the old city, so we will add just one word that you should go there both during the day and at night, these are two different experiences. If you don’t have time to travel twice, you should get there in the evening and enjoy both worlds at once.

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