Nabak Nature Reserve

A little north of Nabq Bay (about a ten-minute drive) is the Nabq Nature Reserve which is actually a huge national park (about 600 square kilometers), and is highly recommended for a day trip. In the reserve you can travel in jeeps or ATVs, enjoy a track Its beautiful beach, from the huge mangrove groves that grow right in the water, to dive or snorkel at the spectacular diving sites in the area, to rest in a Bedouin tent located on the spot, etc. The trip to the Navek reserve is recommended for a whole day, with an attached car and preferably with a guide who knows the area and the attractions there.

A trip to the Navek Reserve can be organized at any of the hotels in the Navek Bay area, as well as with the help of the many tourist agencies in the city. Keep in mind that an all-terrain vehicle is needed and that the park is huge in size, so you must plan your trip carefully and what you want to see in the reserve. See the map of the reserve and more information in the bulletin of the Egyptian Tourist Board here.

Opening hours of the reserve: every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

שמורת נבק

In Nabak Nature Reserve you will find