Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

Until 2022, a trip to Sharm was like any trip to one destination in Sinai – arriving at the border, passports, a toll and a taxi on the other side. Whether you are one of those who book in advance and calmly arrive at the driver waiting for them at the border, or whether you are one of those who like to haggle with the occasional drivers at the Taba taxi station – in the end you needed four wheels that are connected to a passenger compartment, air-conditioned or not, to take you on the way to Sharm.

In April 2022, on Passover to be exact, the relations between Israel and Egypt rose another step on the political-political level, which of course also affected the level of tourism. The warming of relations, which had already brought about a significant reduction in the severity of the travel warning to Sinai a few months earlier, took it one step further and brought with it a real message – direct flights to Sharm. Instead of a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Taba, although in front of amazing views, we can reach Sharm with a flight of one hour and ten minutes from the center of the country. We can see the views from above.

Flight to Sharm

So why should I Sharm el-Sheikh now?

Sharm has always been not only at the edge of the Sinai Peninsula but also at the edge in terms of tourist destinations for Israelis. Most of the tourists from Israel preferred the wonderful camps between Bir Svir and Nueva, or the Taba hotels. The far-flung ones reached as far as Dahab, whose popularity has certainly increased in recent years, but Sharm was still perceived as a place that was beyond the high mountains and required real organization and perhaps less suitable for a spontaneous trip from day to day.

The truth must be told – Sharm is indeed different from the other places in Sinai, even from the urban Dahab. The experience in Sharm is different from what we are used to on the wonderful beaches of South Sinai, the hospitality is different, the options are more varied and the vacation takes on a different character. This is not said to be negative, God forbid, but the opposite – Sharm offers its visitors a huge selection of hotels at all levels, attractions such as water parks, markets, diving sites, museums, amazing nature reserves, beautiful beaches, bars, restaurants, nightlife and more.

The flights to Sharm brought all this goodness closer to us as well, and now everything is within touching distance, allowing us to reach it quickly, easily, and efficiently. Or in short – spontaneity. It is also important to note that Sharm is a very important economic center for the Egyptians and therefore they invest a lot in the sense of security in the city. Security personnel and policemen are stationed at every corner, both from the tourist police and the Egyptian police, the recreation areas are monitored and secured and the feeling on the city streets is safe and pleasant.


Flights to Sharm

So, starting with Pesach 2022, you can enjoy all this goodness within an hour and ten minutes flight, and the truth is that it seems so natural that it is not clear how it didn’t happen sooner. The flights to Sharm currently depart from Ben Gurion Airport only, and are operated by the Israeli companies “El Al”, “Israel Air” and “Arkia” as well as the Egyptian “Air Cairo”. As of August 2022, 9 weekly flights are operated at prices ranging from one hundred to several hundred dollars each way. Over time, it can be assumed that competition will increase, as will the supply of flights, which will make prices even more affordable.

It is important to note that the prices of the flights vary according to the time of the flight, the demand for it, and the hours of the flight, as with any flight to any other destination on the globe. Along with the affordable hotel prices in Sharm, your next family vacation can be not only much cheaper than what you are used to paying in Israel but also one where you will get full value for your money.


Booking flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

The flights to Sharm depart with a frequency of 9 flights a week, so it is advisable to book a flight in advance to ensure both a reasonable price and that you will have a seat on the flight.