Taxi To Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is re-emerging on the tourism map of travelers from Israel, and not for nothing – it is a great kit city that offers a variety of excellent hotels, plenty of attractions for all ages, wild nature, great beaches, diving sites, and a variety of options for a perfect vacation. which is also not far from home and worth every pocket. 

Sharm is at the southernmost point on the coastal strip of South Sinai, the distance from Taba to it is about 230 kilometers which are about two and a half hours by taxi from the border terminal. The journey is indeed relatively long, but the views along the way certainly help to pass it with fun – in the first half of the way we will see the Red Sea on the left, and along it, many camps, and abandoned buildings that look a bit sad but have their charm, the beautiful coral island a little after Taba And Nuaiba unfolds before our eyes a little after the coastal strip of Ras al-Shatan. To the right, most of the landscape will be monotonous with jagged mountains, which will expand the hearts of desert landscape lovers. On the second half of the road, after the entrance barrier to Dahab, the landscape will already become less interesting and will be desert and arid, but the journey in this part is shorter. 

Travel to Sharm

Taxi to Sharm el-Sheikh – advantages 

Despite the option of flying to Sharm, many still prefer to travel this way, and indeed it has quite a few advantages: 

The price, first of all. The price of a taxi ride to Sharm is significantly cheaper than the price of a flight. Even if you take into account the accompanying expenses such as arriving in Eilat and the transit fee (which is embodied in the price of the plane ticket and is not paid separately). If it is a trip in a family group, then the savings are even more significant, because the price of the trip is per vehicle and not per person as with a flight

During the trip there is also the possibility to stop on the way and discover more places in Sinai. If you have time (and there’s no reason not to – you’re free!) you can stop for a moment at one of the camps for a light meal or a drink, stop on the side of the road to take photos against the backdrop of the spectacular view of Sinai, and if you happen to meet a nice driver (and there are many), he’ll even share stories about The places you will see on the way. 

Taxi to Sharm el-Sheikh – you should book in advance

In the past, it was customary to arrive at the border terminal and find a taxi there to take us to Sharm, and if we were lucky, there were other people with us whose destination was this way, and thus the cost of the trip could be reduced. But the world is progressing and with it also China, and nowadays it is worth ordering a taxi in advance with a fixed driver and a fixed price, so as not to be surprised and to plan the trip in a better way.  

Booking a taxi to Sharm in advance guarantees that the driver will be waiting for you on the other side of the border, allows direct communication with him in case of need (notifying of a delay or anything else), and also allows you to at least know the price in advance and not start haggling over it under the hot sun when you are already dying to get to the hotel and you have more Long drive. 

Even this method still requires searching for the “perfect driver” – one who can be trusted to wait for us on time, will also drive carefully, will also have air conditioning in the car (long journey after all) and of course will charge a reasonable price. That’s why you should make an appointment with a driver in advance through an organized booking service that minimizes these risks and through which you can rest assured that all of this will indeed happen. 

The Sinai Waves website offers a service of ordering a taxi to Sharm online, easily, at a fixed price, and without unnecessary complications. We recommend this service.

To order a taxi to Sharm through the Sinai Vibes website >>

Highlights for a taxi ride to Sharm el-Sheikh

There are countless stories about drivers who drive like crazy on Sinai roads, where the law is only a recommendation, thereby endangering their lives and yours, as well as those of other road users. If you are afraid of the way of driving, feel insecure, or notice that something is not right – do not be afraid to tell the driver assertively. This is his livelihood and he certainly wouldn’t want it to be harmed. Overtaking dangerously, talking on a cell phone while driving, improper seat belts, and anything else that you think is unsafe, are life-threatening things. Don’t be ashamed in the worst case to get out of the taxi in the middle of the road. Not in the middle of the road of course, but near some camp where you can freshen up and order another driver. Your life is more precious than anything. 

The road to Sharm is lined with checkpoints and checkpoints, including a serious checkpoint at the entrance to the city itself. These are there to look after you and ensure that tourists can move safely around Sinai. Be sure to obey the instructions, show your passports if asked, don’t be smart where you don’t need to, avoid taking pictures of the soldiers and policemen (they don’t like it), and certainly don’t take anything illegal on you. 

Please note that according to the requirements of the Egyptian authorities, if you entered Sinai through the Taba crossing you will also have to exit it back to Israel. You will not be able to return from Sharm by flight if you entered by land (the reverse is possible – arrive by flight to Sharm and return via Taba). The requirement is clear and strictly enforced – it’s a shame to test it because your money will not be returned and it will cause unnecessary confusion. 

Have a good and safe trip!