Travel Insurance for Sharm El-Sheikh

Sinai is very close to Israel, right in our backyard, that’s right. But despite the proximity and although you cross the border in most cases on foot – it is still abroad. And the meaning is that abroad as abroad some things need to be taken special care of exchanging money, speaking another language, and also taking care of ourselves for medical insurance in case something goes wrong (God forbid) There are several other official recommendations that you should be familiar with.) It is important to say that beyond the border terminal, even in the very first few meters, our medical insurance is not valid and it is sufficient that we stumble on the curb at the exit of the border crossing and need treatment – travel insurance will have to be activated.

We know the attitude of “it’s close, you can return to Eilat if necessary”. So this may be true if you sprain your leg leaving the border crossing, but what if you are hiking in the mountains and are bitten by a venomous animal or seriously injured? And what if you are on the beach, but far from the border and need immediate care? Sharm is about 230 kilometers from the Taba terminal, so returning to Eilat is not a realistic option. Travel insurance to Sharm will provide you with the first answer for receiving medical treatment and coverage for its expenses, in addition to additional coverages such as rescue and flight for further treatment if necessary, medications if required, and more.

Beyond all these, it is very important to remember that travel insurance does not only cover cases of medical problems, but also cases of damage, theft, or loss of luggage, cases of cancellation or shortening of a trip due to medical problems, and more. There are also insurance policies with extensions that cover damages for various activities of which you can find many in Sharm: adventure sports, diving, keystrapping, and more. Therefore, before each trip to Sharm, it is necessary to check the relevant extensions to make sure that you are covered and can participate in each of these activities with peace of mind.

Travel Insurance


Travel insurance to Sharm el-Sheikh – types of insurance

Adventure sports insurance, diving, and water sports for Sharm

Sinai is mainly associated with belly-back and lying on the beach, and it certainly provides this option in its best form, but in Sinai – and Sharm in particular – there are many more options to enjoy and pass the time with fun, at sea or on land.

Water sports such as surfing, kayaking, banana, or kitesurfing is considered an unusual activity for which you are required to expand the basic insurance policy so that it also covers damages for such cases. The extension of the policy guarantees coverage in any case where, God forbid, something goes wrong and you can enter the water with peace of mind. When it comes to diving, it’s even more important. Diving is a fun activity, but it also carries a higher risk in terms of insurance, so special diving insurance should be taken out that covers any medical expenses that may be required as a result of diving in Sharm.

Even on land, there are types of extreme sports or activities that require an extension of the insurance policy. Trips in the mountains, jeep trips, ATVs, and the like have become an integral part of the activities of the travelers in Sharm, and unlike lounging on the beach, on these trips, there is a greater chance of getting injured and needing treatment. For this purpose, it is advisable to expand the insurance policy to one that also includes extreme sports, depending on the type of activity planned. It is advisable to make sure when preparing the insurance that it indeed covers exactly what you intend to do.

Search, rescue, and rescue insurance for Sharm

If we have already talked about trips, it is very worthwhile to also purchase a policy that includes rescue and rescue. When we talk about detection and rescue, we don’t necessarily mean a security incident, God forbid, but also a situation where you got stuck in a place without being able to get out, or you were bitten by a venomous animal and you are not allowed to continue walking. There are also cases of dehydration and even natural disasters, not on us, that come without prior preparation and require immediate action. Because of the limited efficiency of the medical services in Sinai, it is highly recommended that you have an insurance policy that includes rescue and rescue that will ensure your search and location, and evacuation as soon as possible, by land or air. It’s not worth taking the risk of going on a trip without proper insurance. In some cases, it may be life-saving.

Baggage and baggage insurance for Sharm

If in the past a trip to Sinai was for complete disconnection from the outside world, today we no longer travel anywhere (and not even to Sinai) without our mobile phone. Tablets and computers are also no longer a rare sight on the beaches of Sinai, and certainly in cities like Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh. Internet is everywhere, and working in front of the beach in Sharm is something that those who can do it. In Sharm, and Sinai in general, some landscapes are a paradise for every photographer and indeed many of them come to Sinai with a professional camera which is not a cheap business at all. Such electronic equipment is a popular target for theft, unfortunately, and even if they are not too common in Sinai, it is enough to forget the phone on the roof of the taxi for a moment or forget the bag on one of the beaches and here we are without expensive and important equipment.

Just for such cases, it is important to have travel insurance that also covers the loss and theft of baggage and luggage. Such insurance may not return the phone or laptop, but it will ensure adequate compensation according to the value of the device and this at least makes despair much more comfortable. When drawing up the policy, pay attention to the required certificates, for example, a complaint to the police in case of theft, as well as the fine print of the specific cases regarding cases of theft or loss. There is a difference between the two cases, and it is important to know what you are paying for and what you are getting depending on the equipment you will have with you in Sinai.

Sharm insurance for people with medical problems

The price of travel insurance is derived, among other things, from your medical condition. That is, if you are chronically ill, take medication regularly, have suffered in the recent past from any illness or hospitalization, or are defined as disabled – the cost will be slightly higher because it has to cover more possible cases. Therefore, first of all, it is very important to honestly answer all the questions in the insurance preparation process. If it is found that you have provided incorrect information regarding your medical condition, the insurance will simply not be valid when needed. Provide all the complete information about your situation so that you can receive a price quote that will suit you precisely and provide all the necessary coverage when needed.

Shortening or canceling a trip for medical reasons

Another extension worth knowing is cancellation or shortening of the trip for medical reasons. If you have purchased travel insurance and as the date of travel approaches you are unable to travel due to a medical problem of yours or a first-degree family member – you can get your expenses back if you have purchased appropriate insurance. The refund will of course be given by the terms of the policy as well as upon presentation of appropriate certificates to the insurance company.


Where do you buy travel insurance for Sharm el-Sheikh?

Travel insurance for Sharm el-Sheikh should be taken out with a licensed agent who is well acquainted with the various sections, extensions, and coverages and can “tailor” travel insurance for you exactly suited to your situation and the purpose of the trip.


Have a good and safe trip!