Arrival in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is on the southern “corner” of the Sinai Peninsula, and over the years seemed very far away to the Israeli tourist. About two and a half to three hours drive from the border crossing in Taba is quite a lot, certainly for travelers with family and equipment for the family, especially when doing it in a noisy and shaking taxi that makes the ride uncomfortable.

But the year’s pass and the world progresses, and this includes Sinai as well. True, the distance to Sharm remains the same, but today it can be covered more comfortably, and with much less hassle on the way. The beginning of the road – the main road of South Sinai (the “Taba-Nuaiba” road which then continues to Dahab and Sharm) was paved by the IDF in the late 1960s of the last century, and sometime in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s Egypt decided that it was time It’s good to renew it. In Sinai as in Sinai, things take time, but in 2022 we can already say that the road to Sharm is no longer a narrow road without curbs that is scary to drive on, but a wide and safe road for the most part, partially lit at night, two lanes and even with a separation between the lanes into sections.

Of course, taxis travel on this road to any destination in Sinai, as well as to Sharm. The trip to Sharm takes about two and a half hours net, which means about three hours gross because it is highly recommended to take a break (at least one) on the way to refresh yourself by extracting bones and coffee or a cold drink.

Beyond the upgraded road, in Pesach of 2022, another great possibility opened up to reach Sharm – a direct flight from Tel Aviv. It seems so logical that it is not clear how it did not happen before, but the important thing is that it happened and is happening, and today it is possible to reach Sharm comfortably, efficiently, and most importantly – quickly (a flight of approximately one hour and ten minutes) from Israel to Sharm el-Sheikh. This possibility opened up Sharm to many new audiences, who, despite the upgrading of the road, were still afraid of a too-long journey, and made it a major destination on the Israeli tourism map.

How to get to Sharm

So how do you get to Sharm el-Sheikh?

Arrival in Sharm by taxi

So the old and best way to get to Sharm is still by taxi from the border crossing in Taba. Right at the exit of the border terminal is the Taba taxi station with taxis of all sizes and colors waiting to pick up passengers to all destinations in Sinai. At the same time, our recommendation is to always book a taxi in advance before arriving in Sinai for several reasons:

First of all, the price – as your wife, you agree on a price in advance with the driver, there are no surprises and no haggling. When you get on a casual taxi, you are at the mercy of the driver on the spot and there is not much possibility of bargaining even though there are many drivers there, because they are allowed to take passengers according to a certain order and also adjust the prices.

Another thing is the wait. When you get on a big taxi you have to wait for it to be full or at least mostly full, which can take a long time and the wait is prolonged in the heat instead of already being on your way to your hotel. Booking in advance saves you the wait and ensures that the driver will be waiting for you at the border terminal as soon as you arrive, and you can set off.

The drive to Sharm is long, but not that difficult. It takes about two and a half hours net, without breaks, but it is possible, and even desirable, to take breaks along the way to refresh yourself with a coffee or popsicle (there are gas stations with convenience stores along the way). It’s worth looking to the sides the whole way to enjoy the view, which includes the stretch of beach on the left for the first half of the way, up to Fati Dahab or so, and then jagged mountains and folds of desert soil.

Please note that at the entrance to Sharm there is a checkpoint where you have to stop for a vehicle inspection, present your passports and pass through a local police checkpoint. All this is designed to maintain your personal safety, because Sharm is a city where not only tourists come to rest, but also many statesmen and businessmen.

The best way to guarantee yourself a taxi driver in advance is to order him online through the Sinai Vibes website . In this way, you will guarantee a pre-determined price, careful and reliable drivers who are not in a hurry for their next trip and are focused only on the passenger, and also new, comfortable, air-conditioned, and high-standard taxis (small or large).

To book a taxi to Sharm through the Sinai Vibes website, click here >>

Arriving in Sharm by flight

In April 2022, something happened in the relations between Israel and Egypt and also in the relations between the Israeli tourist and the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. After the warming of relations in the summer of 2021, with the lowering of the Sinai travel warning to a lower level, for the first time a line of direct flights from Ben Gurion Airport to Sinai was opened, without the need to pass through another country on the way and take a connecting flight. Until the opening of the line, the only possibility to fly to Sinai was via a connecting flight, usually from Istanbul. From Pesach 2022, tens of thousands of Israelis will benefit from a significant shortening of the arrival time to Sharm, which of course results in an increasing flow of tourism to the city.

The flights to Sharm are currently carried out by the Israeli “El Al”, “Israeli” and “Arkia” companies and the Egyptian Air Cairo. As of August 2022, there are 9 weekly flights on this line (in each direction), although it can be assumed that in the future this number will increase. There is no doubt that the flights to Sharm played the cards and changed the rules of the game when it comes to a vacation in the southern Kite city.

The prices of the flights to Sharm, of course, vary according to the season, the demand, and the time of the flight, as with any flight anywhere in the world. The price range is a few hundred dollars each way, however, at the same time, this price saves quite a bit of time that may be expensive for some of us.

Due to the relatively low supply at the moment, you should hurry and book a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh and ensure a quick and easy arrival for your next vacation.

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